My name is Allen Bennett. I recently turned 70 years young. I am by no means paleo or keto, although I've been trying. Carbohydrates are too ubiquitous, inexpensive, and taste too good. Since I have been eating more fat, I feel much better than previously. I am on a fixed income, so that makes it doubly hard. If you have anything to buy from Amazon, I'd REALLY appreciate it if you would click on a product on this site (I will get a small commission if you buy ANYTHING, not necessarily the product you click on). And it won't cost you a cent extra.

One of the main products which helps me stay healthy is the Instant Pot. It is an electric pressure cooker, and it also has the following functions: slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, and also has presets for meats, poultry, soup, etc. I use mine a lot for hard boiled eggs (VERY easy to peel). And I made chili (no beans) the other night.

It may seem strange to have the Echo Dot on a cooking site, but it comes in mighty handy in the kitchen, where there are several instances in which you may have to set timers by voice.

The Easy Fermenter system is for fermenting vegetables in wide-mouth mason jars. The most common vegetable to ferment is cabbage, and I have made sauerkraut with this kit a couple of times. Fermented vegetables have a lot of probiotics. Jars are not included.

A spiralizer is considered one of the best ways to turn vegetables into "pasta". An easy and fun way to get your veggies! This is the one I have.

This is the blender I have. It is a VERY good blender.

Picture of Instant Pot (Electric Pressure Cooker) Picture of Echo Dot Picture of Fermenting Lids Picture of Spiralizer Picture of Ninja Blender